Boy, you stupid!

LMAO. My ex-boyfriend is such a clown, no seriously, he’s a Bozo. So I went to see him tonight, I did not intend to, however, he called me twice and messaged me so I bit the bullet and answered his call. Of course, he wants to see and I am conveniently passing by his neighborhood, I decide I’ll make it a short visit. I can’t give him too much time or attention to be quite honest; he is a natural fuckboy and will run with any opportunity I give him to occupy my space more than he needs to. The visit lasted less than thirty minutes, THANK GOD!

You’re probably wondering why I’m dashing all this verbal fire on him and it’s because he was the most selfish, cynical and manipulative little shit I ever met and was in a relationship with. Yet, I, with my big heart and forgiving nature still bless him with delightful presence, when I feel like it. For this is why God is blessing me now.

Of course when I see him, it’s the usual how are you doing spiel, but, I’m unsure whether or not he asks because he really wants to know or he just pretends to care so he can tell me about himself (you never know with selfish people). Anyway, he hits me with the ‘guess what,’ I indulge and inquire about what it is; he’s back at his old job and getting more money. Awesome! Good for you! Mi a big him up like gwaan do ya ting dawg! (Sometimes I just step into moments of my Jamaica-ness, bear with me.) Then of course, it’s my turn and I happily express the opportunities at my door and the people I’m networking with in order to follow my dreams as a writer, poet, creator and all around entrepreneur. You know, really being open with this little punk and when I say I know why we are not together anymore. Trust me, I really know!

You ever passionately express your goals and desires to someone only to have them kind of agree but then question your shit. The boy hit me with the, ‘how you know this it?’ line. How do I know this is it? Because I said so, that’s how I know. I can honestly say I’ve listened to the boy say some pretty out there shit and nonetheless I supported him, if that’s what you want to do, do it. But at that moment I just saw it wasn’t a two way street.

You ever had somebody whose shit didn’t work out for them so they projected their doubts and fears on you? I swear I felt that all through his question, it was like this ‘are you sure you can do it’ moment. He doesn’t even know it; he just gave me more material. Sucker! Watch me cut this check from your foolishness! I could write a book about his fuckery! Honestly! I just find it so funny how people act when they can no longer influence your life; it’s as if you can do nothing great without them. Like how dare you question my destiny?! Are you crazy? You don’t even knowwwwww what you did, I feel like a dungeon dragon, ok that was a Nicki reference, but I’m ready to go savage mode. I'm on my Meek Mill Dreamchasers swag. He played himself, DJ Khaled voice. Who reading this can relate to me?


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