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SZA’s CTRL & the “Male” Perspective

As we all know SZA’s recent album, CTRL, caught a lot of attention, positive comments and negative ones too. I was one of those people who listened to the album and fell in love, I had my least favorites, but overall, I think it is a work of art. There is, however, the opposing side. While I have met men who applaud SZA’S recent album, I have heard comments that rubbed me the wrong way for one reason or another. Yet, we are ALL entitled to our opinions; I would just like to explore the psychology of what I heard in my own words.
            I was being heavily inaugurated by my guy friends on the Jay-Z album, 4:44, and great album might I add. But as the album continued to repeat songs over and over, the metaphorical DJ changed the music and the tunes so happen to land on SZA. I thankfully acknowledged the DJ, it was met with dissent by the guys because I guess they felt like it was Jigga time and nothing else should play. One of them began to comment about SZA’s album, I d…

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