June's almost over, damn.

Hey hey hey! I hope y'all didn't think I forgot about y'all, I could never!

But I have been pretty busy as of lately, remember that post, "To Be or Not to Be...Employed," well when I said someone was looking for a writer, I was not lying. I have been working to promote a new company, What the Health is Up, because you know I care about your health. I have been setting up social media websites left and right and woooh! That mess ain't easy! You would think sitting down in front a computer for profit is less tiring since you don't have to do any hard labor, BUT, I was wrong. I get restless, I suppose I'm just a restless individual, yet, it does get rather repetitive fairly quick (to me at least).

However, I have been making great progress and for the most part, holding up my end of the bargain and producing the necessary material and visuals. I am pretty impressed with myself. I was kind of unemployed about five weeks ago, but, you can't keep a good woman down. Tupac said "Keep Your Head Up" and I did. If you are wondering how I was kind of unemployed, it's just because a sister got options. I rather not have to resort to those options, but I have options nonetheless, with the activation of an app, I could be delivering food to your front door in minutes or selling toys in the park. Bottom line, I got to hustle so the money can flow. Get it, hustle and flow! Yeah, I know, I'm corny, but, you kept reading anyway, embrace it.

In the midst of writing this though, I listened to SZA's entire album, Ctrl. What a way to uplift my spirits, I know this seems pretty left field, yet I often question my ability as a writer and hesitate to complete my work as a result. But where I am going with this is that no matter what trials we have to face in life, you may feel the desire to quit sometimes and not follow through, yet, I finally found something that I want to see through. It is not a pretty, immediately rewarding or transparent process. There are going to be ups, downs, curve balls, strikes, and some foul play, however, if you ever feel that something is for you, don't let the world trick you into thinking otherwise. Perseverance is rewarding. I just wanted to throw that out there to start off my June here. Thanks SZA for the inspiration!


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